Corporate Profile of Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd.

Nissin Furniture Crafters was founded in 1946 in Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. Since our establishment, our design principle has been prioritizing our costumers’ needs while we design and craft our furniture, which led us to become one of the most symbolic Hida furniture due to its adaptability and diversity. The roots of our design style trace back to our visit to Scandinavia in 1963. We combined the essence of Scandinavian design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship from Hida and developed a series of products that are practical, accessible, and durable. Our core value is to deliver high quality modern and simple furniture to allow our users to allocate the furniture in a variety of living spaces. Our success is attributed to our craftmanship, vision, and excellent use of materials.To continue this legacy, we name ourselves “Nissin”, referenced from an old Japanese phase “Nissin Geppo,” meaning progressing consistently, to remind ourselves not to stagnate but to improve and be innovative at all times.

Company name Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd.
Main products General wooden furniture (dining chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, small articles)
Representative CEO&President Takuya KITAMURA
Address 7-78 Kiriu-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu zip : 506-0004
Foundation 22 Oct, 1946
Capital 37.2 million JPY
TEL +81-(0)577-34-1122
FAX +81-(0)577-34-7311
Business description Manufacture of Western and Japanese style wooden furniture, etc.
Domestic sales Major department stores, Furniture specialty stores, Interior design stores, etc.
Overseas sales USA, Singapore, Mainland China, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia etc.
Contact from Over sea (Ms.) Tiffany Luk (Export Div.)