Message from the Representative of Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd.

What makes Nissin, Nissin is our evidential crafting skills. Our success is attributed to our unique visionary in craftsmanship and our excellent use of material. Hence, we must adhere to the traditions, continue to inherit, and be innovative at all times.

Thanks to my predecessors’ leadership and conviction, Nissin has been the furniture industry pioneer for more than 75 years. Moreover, I believe in continuing our legacy. We should embrace our traditional values and examine existing methods, and identify places where we should improvise. For instance, in response to the recovery after World war II, Nissin started small to manufacture Shovel handles, desks, and fittings to reconstruct. As housing became westernized along with the rapid economic growth in Japan during that time, we saw the opportunity to expand our business and gradually developed into an all-rounded furniture company.

In my opinion, tradition is not our obstacle to modernizing. On the other hand, we should embrace what has been passed down from our predecessors and adapt to the current market environment while exceeding our investors and the public expectations. I would like to emphasize that product quality standards, proficiency, and crafting skills are elements that we will adhere to as we walk down the path of reformation.
Lastly, my goal is to lead Nissin into an enterprise business and continually deliver excellent products and services to our consumers.

Takuya Kitamura, CEO