Message from the Representative of Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd.

Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd., founded in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture in 1946, is a furniture manufacturer producing original design furniture developed based on today’s modern lifestyle. Focusing on simple design, we respect craftsmanship in the best combination of tradition and modern techniques that are suited a cosmopolitan and high quality lifestyle. In addition, we give consideration to our co-existence with nature and environment and contribute to fostering a safety culture for our products, such as implementing strength tests both internally and through public institutions, using safe materials (plywood, paint, adhesive bond, etc.).

Hida no Kagu (Hida Furniture) was born in Hida where the tradition of artisans is still thriving, and it engages in activities to protect and strengthen its brand based on the certification standards guidelines under the regional group trademark registered by the Hida Woodworking Association. As one of the certified company of Hida no Kagu® and Made-in-Japan Furniture, Nissin Furniture Crafters Co., Ltd. holds firm to its promise of sustainable manufacturing to the world, with the theme of a life of “safety, relief, and comfort – Japanese aesthetics and harmony.”